Erin Ozga

AEMT- Cardiac, CPR –Instructor.  Former Lieutenant-Hope Valley Ambulance and current member of Exeter Rescue. Respiratory Therapist at RIH.

Patrick Hawkins

EMT-C/Firefighter with Hope Valley Ambulance/Fire, and Westerly Ambulance, CPR-Instructor




Michelle DiSandro

Paramedic-Westerly Ambulance and Hope Valley Ambulance




Nichole Richmond

 Paramedic affiliated with various 911 agencies including; Charlestown Richmond Fire Department.



Angela Lavioe

Has been an EMT-Cardiac since 2011, affiliated with Hope valley Ambulance Squad since 2010, Presently works at MedTech and is also an Occupational Therapist. Angela enjoys the EMS field, learning and teaching.




John Gardiner

EMT-C Ashaway Ambulance




Ken Rassler

Paramedic Hope Valley Ambulance and Foster Ambulance, MA Education-former Principal



Scott Beaudreau, EMT-C

Chief of Exeter Rescue



Jeffrey Howe, EMT-C Exeter Rescue, EMS Educator




Nick Linacre, EMT-C/Firefighter